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Victory In Christ Ensemble
Too Blind To See

In a nation wherein "In God We Trust" has become a mere creed on the money upon which it is printed, only the righteous remnant that will be saved when Christ returns can appreciate and embrace Biblical truths. Throughout history, politically correct crowds have demanded that sages drink hemlock, be cast into prison, be crucified, be hanged, or otherwise  martyred for trying to enlighten their peers. As our nation vacates the Holy Bible as its moral compass, obviously, we no longer trust in God. Instead, we trust in pecuniary assets, political  power, physical pleasure, and purchased pulchritude. Are not these the American idols that have supplanted godliness or are you too blind to see? Please check your vision or spiritual enlightenment by processing the following parable and remember, "Never let a blind friend drive you to the hospital!"

Imagine two high school PE coaches having different goals and expectations of their students. Coach Black tells his teenage boys that he expects them to be able to jog for three miles, do twenty chin ups, do one hundred sit ups, do one hundred crunches, and to do fifty push ups in order to earn an A in his class. Coach White, however, explains to his students that PE is not all that important and he wants perfect attendance and just one lap around the football field for his students to earn an A in his class. Can't you see a deluge of students running to the guidance office to request a class schedule change? After the requests are granted, Coach Black now has only twelve boys of the initial fifty who still want the discipline and hard work he prescribes. Coach White, however, has so many students that he added a second period just to accommodate the overflow of incoming male students.

Coach Black soon has his boys shedding fat, building muscle, getting fit, and acquiring both the confidence and physiques that girls adore! On the other hand, Coach White's boys engage in horseplay, text their classmates, watch videos, play cards, or even sleep during his physical education class. By the end of the semester, Coach Black's students have become star athletes in several sports, not to mention they also have beautiful cheerleaders fawning over them both on and off the field! To the contrary, twenty-six of Coach White's male students developed juvenile diabetes and one even had a heart attack before completing his single lap around the football field. Despite these disparities in fitness, Coach White was selected by the student body as Teacher of the Year. Amazingly, Coach Black's contract was not renewed via the number of students complaining that he was too strict. Now, he is the general manager of a fitness club. What's wrong with this picture or are you too blind to see?   

Both Adam and Eve were too blind to see the danger of yielding to the temptation Satan presented in the Garden of Eden. VICE's textbook made an analogous reference concerning how a miscreant gladly will give someone about to board a connecting flight incorrect information, and then laugh behind his back. Likewise, high school teammates, adolescent friends, and acquaintances also give each other bad advice about sexuality, drugs, and other vices -- only to laugh about it behind their backs. VICE realizes teenagers are more inclined to listen to their peers than to their parents. Thus, we admonish America's youths never to let a blind friend drive you to the hospital. For example, if you are in need of medical attention for a broken arm, why put your very life at risk? Stated differently, if your peers and friends are ignorant of the consequences of consuming forbidden fruits that merely seem to be hip or cool, why not listen to a mature adult who possesses more insight and wisdom? Many senior citizens in their fifties and sixites still are suffering from having made poor sexual choices when they were your age! Allow them to share ethical wisdom with you so that you can reach adulthood unscathed. Such spiritual enlightenment can circumvent your ever making a similar mistake. VICE hopes that more high school seniors, college students, and young adults will develop and nurture candid relationships akin to Junior's father son dyad. Challenge your parents, pastors, mentors, coaches, etc., to keep it real with you about the vicissitudes of life before you touch the hot stove! Is this not what Junior's Dad did, thus enabling him to see and to think for himself? Of course, Junior's Dad is a fictional character. Yet, all of us will make fewer mistakes IF we read and obey the Tripitaka, Torah, Koran, or the Holy Bible. Do you agree or are you too blind to see? By the way, the name of the fitness club Coach Black manages is "God's Gym". Do you care to join me for a workout?

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