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Victory In Christ Ensemble
About Us

Membership in VICE affords adults access to an unorthodox, yet, Biblically correct discussion of human sexuality. Although anyone can study this information alone, intelligent discussions of what you read can be cathartic for any group of teenagers or young adults. Therefore, we encourage Christian and non-Christian students, parents, teachers, coaches, policemen, priests, etc., to process these sexually explicit parables and then intelligently apply them as often as you can!

Human sexuality is not necessarily a topic inveterately associated with ministry. Yet, to deny that America's youths now have access to countless sexually explicit images would be hypocritical, to say the least. Often, these images excite the libido at the expense of the enlightenment necessary for prudent decisions. Ergo, we offer this course in sex education wherein members can examine both the virtue and vice of sexual behavior. Rest assured, VICE is not associated with any pastor or any church seeking more members. Instead, we pray that the "church" dwelleth in you as you help adolescents to reach adulthood unscathed by sexual molestation or sexual mistakes! 

Akin to Junior's family tree, within your own family unfathomable shame often is masked via fatherhood,  promiscuity, anger, depression, silence, alcoholism, drugs, domestic violence, overachievement, etc. In this Age of Feminism, brothers, the laws of the land are supplanting God's laws. Ergo, insecurities about our self-concept or our manhood often lead to violence, denial, irresponsibility, and other pathologies in dealing with the opposite sex and with one another. Gentlemen, as you will discover, VICE is a ministry of sexual healing that confronts this kind of "guy stuff" in our workshops so that we can become better fathers, friends, and brothers. Our workshops are no substitute for professional or pastoral counseling. Yet, they are available to fathers, sons, coaches, cops, correctional officers, etc., who seek the support of other self-actualized men! You can have victory in Christ via introspection, trust, candor, and our sexually explicit group discussions of things ordinary and lesser men continue to hide behind fig leaves.

Victory In Christ Ensemble
P.O. Box  2101
Sacramento, CA 95812

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