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Victory In Christ Ensemble

Albeit often swept under the rug in both white and black families, VICE believes that the Church should candidly discuss sex, incest, masturbation, molestation, rape, etc. without telling a depressing story or beating anyone up with a fifty-pound Bible. Instead, VICE’s mission is to educate, enlighten, and to empower. Thus, this book follows Junior through puberty, i.e. summer camp, Catholic school, public high school, camping in Yosemite, an overnight trip to the state basketball championship, etc. Each vignette demonstrates to the reader how Junior handles his libido as a horny teenager. 

One important feature of this unorthodox ministry of sexual healing is that it protects everyone's privacy by stimulating an analysis and discussion of a fictional father, son, grandfather, etc. Such a sexually explicit textbook covering the range of what pubescent males can expect is adaptable to juvenile facilities, men's conferences, young adult ministry, college courses, etc. Ergo, VICE affords members who believe in this ministry of sexual healing the privilege of becoming Independent Agents or instructors who order our textbooks in lots of ten copies. As Independent Agents, you can earn $390.00 gross profit for each order of ten books sold to your customers! Convicted felons and former foster children can quality for a t$200.00 rebate via VICE's "Not Guilty Program". These sale figures are a prototype or an approximation of gross income for independent agents as individual results will vary. This presentation does not constitute any offer of employment by VICE or a warranty of possible income. Please inquire if you are interested in more details regarding this income opportunity and be blessed. 

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At its discretion, VICE may modify the terms and conditions for independent agents or other members by posting these updates on our website,

Victory In Christ Ensemble
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