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Victory In Christ Ensemble

 Sexually Explicit Material

By completing and submitting the information required to order this textbook in sex education, you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age and that you agree to all of Victory In Christ Ensemble’s [VICE’s] terms and conditions for membership in this book club.

Membership in VICE is defined by three classes:

Individuals – members who buy the e-book or textbook and who rarely, if ever, order the book in lots of ten.

Instructors members who order ten hard copies of the textbook for use in a classroom, church, juvenile facility, prison, etc. As such, instructors who provide an exempt EIN do not pay tax.

Independent agents – members who order hard copies of the textbook with the intent to resell them for a profit. Rather than being employees of Victory In Christ Ensemble, all independent agents are solely responsible for observing and obeying all applicable local, state, and federal laws pursuant to being self-employed.    

By purchasing the e-textbook or hard copies of the spiral workbook, you affirm that you want access to Victory In Christ Ensemble’s unorthodox course in sex education. Because this textbook’s controversial discussions of politics, religion, and human sexuality are quite sexually explicit, you declare and affirm that you are not offended by the inclusion of such graphic language and details of incest, sexual molestation, masturbation, rape, etc., for the purposes of enlightenment rather than entertainment. If you may be offended by such candid and realistic fiction, then do not proceed to purchase this book.

 Privacy Statement

VICE is committed to the protection of our members’ privacy. While VICE does collect personal information for the purposes of processing membership applications and orders, VICE does not sell or otherwise supply this personal information [unless required to do so by statute or law enforcement] to any third party not directly involved with e-commerce transactions or other operations essential to our doing business. As a member of VICE, you indemnify this company from any and all claims for damages via technological theft, piracy, corruption, etc., beyond its direct control.    

Return and Refund Policy

VICE does sell individual hard copies of the spiral bound textbook, also referred to as our workbook. Additionally, VICE affords members who believe in this ministry of sexual healing the privilege of becoming instructors or independent agents and to order our textbook in lots of ten copies. The wholesale price of each order is $900.00, while the retail price is $129.00 per textbook. Based in Broward County, VICE will pay the shipping charges for each independent agent’s or instructor’s order with a delivery address in Florida. All other orders will be billed for shipping according to the US delivery address and shipping method selected when the order was placed. Typically, VICE ships most orders via FedEx Ground. You should receive notification via FedEx e-mail with your tracking number once your order has been shipped. If you do not receive this notification within ten business days after placing your order, then please notify VICE via and at so that we can investigate and rectify the matter or refund your payment, at your discretion.

For international orders or any unique and specific shipping requests that are not listed above, additional fees may apply. Please e-mail Victory In Christ Ensemble at and at prior to placing any order outside the continental United States for more logistical information. Your doing so will facilitate the shipment of your order in a timely manner, which typically is within ten business days after the order was placed. At its discretion, such special orders may take an additional 10 business days for processing or VICE may refund payment in full for international orders beyond the scope of our delivery area or via other logistical or legal restrictions.

There are no returns or refunds for e-textbooks downloaded on our website. However, for individuals, instructors and independent agents, if you receive any damaged textbooks, then VICE will replace your order, provided that you 1) notify us at and at within three business days after delivery and 2) return the complete order in the original box within five business days after delivery. When returning any damaged order, it is imperative for all members to provide VICE with a tracking number in the e-mail notification of such returns. Failure to comply with all of the conditions of this return policy indemnifies VICE against any and all loss, harm, damages, or other obligations associated with that particular order, unless prohibited by law. 

Certified Instructors

To spread the “gospel” about politics, propaganda, religion, sexuality, etc., VICE does not restrict or prohibit membership to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc., who may be motivated by money or morality. Why? He who is whole needed not a physician. Ergo, any member can attend VICE's level one and level two workshops in order to fully examine his or her mores. Yet, VICE expects only certified members to inculcate our fraternity's irreproachable intelligence and integrity as the salt of the Earth. At the end of the day, the “gospel” is going forth to places VICE could not reach alone. Whereas all of us have A’s and F’s on our moral report cards, only GOD can judge His children. Although VICE does not require any instructor or independent agent to practice Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, etc., we do require an understanding of the King James edition of the Holy Bible as a prerequisite for members to become certified instructors and independent agents. Because certain discounts and other benefits accrue only to certified members, the only requirement for certification, beyond already having received at least three wholesale orders, is a score of at least 700 on both the Spiritual Integrity Test [SPIT] and the Spiritual Aptitude Test [SPAT]. Each component test consists of 200 objective questions about the Bible and morality worth four points each. Ergo, 1600 is a perfect composite score on VICE’s unique test. Interested independent agents and instructors may contact us at or for more details and testing dates.

As a member of Victory In Christ Ensemble, you agree to all of these terms and conditions of membership, including the uniform collection of Florida sales tax, except where prohibited by law. At its sole discretion, VICE may modify or change these terms and conditions via posting the modifications and changes on its website, All such written modifications promulgated on the website will supersede all previous terms and conditions for membership in VICE. 

 90 Day Membership and Single Textbook  $129.00 + tax

90 Day Membership and Ten Textbooks/Independent Agent $900.00 + tax

90 Day Membership and Ten Textbooks/Tax Exempt Instructor  $900.00 [EIN required]

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