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Victory In Christ Ensemble
sex survey
Victory In Christ Ensemble does not deny that countless horny males of all ages are sexually active! Of course, an exiguous number of pious men successfully have sublimated their concupiscence to ethereal spiritual pursuits. The vast majority of us, however, are as cocksure as was King David when he gazed upon Bathsheba. Rather than to condone David's lecherous expression of his virility, VICE proffers teenagers and grown men holistic advice regarding how to embrace their libido without lust. How? We carefully examine what the Holy Bible says and does not say about sexuality, which is surprising to many, and govern ourselves accordingly! This is a mere sample of the questions men will discuss, debate, and dissect in VICE's workshops:

                                                          SEX SURVEY: FOR MEN ONLY

1. Are you under 35, 35 - 55, or over 55? During childhood, did you live mostly in a small town or in a city? How many brothers and sisters do you have? Are you the eldest, youngest, or somewhere in the middle? Did you grow up in the United States or a different part of the world?

2. How old were you the first time you saw your own semen and what made you ejaculate? Had your father or uncle talked to you as candidly as Junior's Dad about sexuality, condoms, STDs, ejaculation, etc. or did you think something was wrong when you saw that "white stuff"?

3.  What was your major area of study in college, the military, vocational school, trade school, etc.? How much formal education does your father have and what does [did] he do for a living?

4.  Did you grow up with your father and your mother being legally married and living in the same home? If not, then in what ways do you think your father's [or mother's] absence molded your personality and outlook on life?

5.  During puberty, was your Dad a good father figure, provider, and role model? How often did he say, "I love you, son!" and hug you? In retrospect, do you admire your Mom or your Dad the most?

6.  Did you wait until you got married to have sexual intercourse? If so, how did you resist society's pressure to relinquish your virginity? For example, was your decision a religious one or were you more focused upon not having any unwanted children?

7. Are you currently married, divorced or single? If you are married, then how happy are you with your spouse, children,  and overall relationship? If you are single, then what kind of woman would you want to meet and ultimately to marry or do you prefer being unattached?

8. Back in the day, did you ever get a girl pregnant and help to get an abortion? Did you ever father a bastard child? If so, then how often did you consistently pay child support and spend time with your son(s) or your daughter(s)? If you now are married, then how is your relationship with your wife and her legitimate offspring impacted by your relationship with your illegitimate child (children)?

9.  If ever you have been locked up in prison, then how long was it before you got jumped and forced to give up some head or tail? Do you think that some of the guards "get off" watching, recording, instigating, and even ignoring sexual assault behind bars?

10.  Because the United States has more men behind bars than any other country in the world and because lickin' and stickin' with multiple partners is both unsafe sexual behavior and a reality of life behind bars, do most prisons now provide inmates access to lubricants and condoms to stop the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases?

11.  As a matter of public health, should penal institutions in the United States distribute condoms -- despite sodomy being unnatural and immoral according to the Scriptures? In the context of jurisprudence, are felons treated fairly by our nation's correctional system? Do you know anyone who contracted AIDS while incarcerated? IF so, then what is their response to this same question?

12. IF you were a forty-year-old PE or football coach and you walked in on another coach and two of your high school jocks lickin' and stickin' each other in the shower, then what would you do? Would you quietly watch without their knowing? Would you interrupt and confront them? Would you quietly vanish? Would you call the police? Would you tell the administration or their parents what you saw in the boy's locker room?
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