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Victory In Christ Ensemble

Victory In Christ Ensemble [VICE] is quite interested in feedback from our members! As a ministry of sexual healing, VICE hopes to facilitate your "out of the box" discussions and debates within your family, church, locker room, college fraternity, boarding school, juvenile facility, prison, etc. Unlike many religious zealots, VICE dares not to stone anyone for his or her past sexual mistakes. Instead, like Christ, we simply admonish you to go and sin no more. We believe this book can positively change how we Americans deal with human sexuality.  Here in the relative anonymity of cyberspace, perhaps, some of you candidly will share how this textbook or website has affected your life. Such a testimony certainly can bless others to bend the spoon and to take up their bed and walk. To protect your privacy, we ask that you use a pseudonym and follow the textbook's instructions regarding the sexual survey. At its discretion, VICE may reassign Biblical names like Matthew, Mark, Luke or John to male testimonials and Eve, Esther, Elizabeth or Mary to female testimonials. VICE also may publish a few prototypes of our own, thus further obscuring your identity.  Please look forward to VICE later publishing our second textbook focusing upon the father daughter dyad. Women, fasten your seatbelts and GOD BLESS YOU!

I am in my 60's and just read your book. Wow! I went to a Catholic school where I was taught that masturbation would cause hair to grow in the palm of my hand. I kid you not! Your book is long overdue and I hope it will bless teenagers everywhere!

John in PA

I am a single Mom and a female pastor; so I don't agree with your chapter on gender! But my reason for writing is that I have a gay son who came out when he was thirteen. After reading your book, he shared some things with me from childhood I never knew. Now at 19, he is even questioning his homosexual identity and I ask that you pray for God to save him. I plan to use your book in my church because it cuts right through the shame and addresses "guy stuff" women just can't understand. 

Esther in FL 

I wanted to go to college to become a teacher or even a principal. But I got pregnant and had my baby before I graduated. At the time, I thought my baby's daddy might go to the NBA and take care of me and my baby. Now life is so much harder for me and my Mom. People at my church judge and look down on me rather than trying to help. Looking back, was I tripping or what? But I gain strength from reading my Bible and from what you said about guys and God. Even with my baby, I can have victory in Christ. Maybe next year, I can go to college and teach some girls not to make the same mistake I did and even find a nice boyfriend like Junior. 

Gloria in GA

I live in New Orleans but my sister over in Jackson told me to read your book. I wasn't interested until she said it could be a job opportunity. So I did and then she helped me pay for my first order. Now I'm running my own business, taking care of my kids, and giving back to my community. As a convicted felon, I just want to say thanks A.J. for your Not Guilty Program and I definitely encourage folks to look at a simple business model that works. Instead of giving a brother a fish like some charities, VICE teaches him how to fish -- true dat! I paid my sister back and I'm waiting for your next book to come out. 

Mark in LA

I am in my late 20's and read just parts of your book about Junior. I think this Army Dad stepped way over the line and should go to jail. As a coach, I believe you created a fictional father and son since none of my homeboys ever would be that honest about what they did back in the day. Yet, you pushed the right buttons to show how men and boys need to keep it real when talking about sexual molestation. This stuff in your book really happens so Junior, not his Dad, is the real hero. 

Fred in SC

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